Adaptive Clothing Making Life Easier for the Elderly & Disabled

Providing best quality care for a loved one who has a disability is not easy. Many families and caregivers struggle to help the elderly and people with disabilities and in many cases, most of the care solutions available are not sufficient. One of the most frustrating aspects when providing care for the elderly and disabled is in their clothing.  The hospital clothing and gowns have been around for a long time but they are not stylish or convenient.

Many people under care would love to wear ordinary stylish clothing but they experience challenges when dressing and undressing. Luckily, there’s now adaptive clothing for the elderly & disabledthat provides an alternative to hospital clothing and gowns.

What Is Adaptive Clothing?

Adaptive clothing encompasses clothes and footwear specially designed for people with physical disabilities, the elderly, and the infirm and post-surgery patients.  This type of clothing is also a godsend for caregivers who have to dress and undress those under care.  Most of these people would love to look good in their clothing but they experience difficulties in manipulating buttons and zippers due to lack of full range of motion in their hands.

Such garments feature innovative solutions such as open back and VELCRO® (hook & loop) to make it easier for people suffering from arthritis, limited shoulder and arm movement to wear.  This type of clothing benefits a large group of people including bedridden patients, anyone who hasALS, advanced Parkinson’s, patients convalescing from major hip or back surgery among others.

adaptive clothing for the elderly & disabled

Other Benefits Of Adaptive Clothing

If you have someone under your care who has mobility problems, buying adaptive clothing is a great solution.  Some of the other reasons that make this alternative clothing popular include:

  1. Flexibility: Adaptive garments and footwear adapt to the needs and limitations of the patient.
  2. Ease of maintenance: Adaptive clothing features highly durable material that is easy to wash.
  3. Style and convenience: Adaptive clothing offers more than an easy solution for mobility problems among patients. It also allows them to look great in ordinary-looking clothes. No one can tell the garments are in any way modified to suit their mobility needs.
  4. Innovative closingtechniques: To make life easier for both the patient and caregiver, the best adaptive clothing for the elderly & disabled feature bilateral zippers for trousers, VELCRO® closures on the side, back and front of the garment.This makes it easy for patients with partial mobility to dress themselves and for caregivers to easily change the clothes.
  5. Improving self-esteem: Relying on someone to dress and undress leads to loss of self-esteem. The elderly and disabled would love to regain the independence they used to enjoy and this is what adaptive clothing gives them.
  6. Versatile clothing: Adaptive clothing is a great solution not only for the bedridden but those suffering from mobility problems caused by Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, motorneuron disease, multiple sclerosis,and

Adaptive clothing is a win-win for the patient/elderly, the caregivers and the family. It gives a sense of independence to the patient suffering mobility or an elderly relative while also making it easier for family members and caregivers to provide better quality care.