The holidays are quickly approaching and Christmas is just a few weeks from now.  Working longer during the holiday season is normally what most people have to do to get extra cash for buying gifts. I’m not a stranger to that. Doing quite a bit of overtime at work has taken its toll on me and I feel exhausted.

Me Time

I finally decided to take a day off for myself. I need to revive myself and prevent myself from getting burned out. There are still so many things to do and plan for, but I do need some time for pampering and taking care of myself. Tomorrow, I plan to spend the day at a full-service spa, starting with a much-needed massage. I picture myself laying down in one of those massage tables. Yes, the ones that have that hole for your face on the table. I picture myself getting a Swedish massage, with a relaxing aroma of lavender oil, as a massage therapist relaxes the stress knots on my back and shoulders. Just thinking about it made me call the spa in a hurry to schedule my spa day. I asked what other services they offered besides the massage, and they said they offered a wide array of services from manicures, pedicures, and facials. They said that I would be able to spend the whole day there as they also have various cafes in-house, as well as swimming pools. They also mentioned relaxation rooms, which are popular in Asia.

Spa Day

The following day I headed out to the spa. Once I arrived, I was astonished by their lobby. Their lobby had gold statues of lions and the floor appeared to be marble. The check-in area was super modern as it included a computerized self-check-in kiosk similar to those at the airport. Once I checked into the spa, a friendly receptionist greeted me and gave me the rundown on some house rules as this is an all-inclusive spa resort. She said, per our conversation, I selected the package that included a Swedish massage, manicure, pedicure, and a body scrub with a body wrap. She said the payment included entrance to all amenities, including all the relaxation rooms, the swimming pools, and gym. She then handed me what appeared to be a plastic watch. She said the watch is for purchasing anything additional while inside, including food from the cafes. She said, “wear this so you don’t have to carry around money with you. We’ll total up everything after you check-out, and just pay at the cashier area.” “Wow, wow and wow,” I thought to myself. She then handed me a spa uniform. She said to wear the uniform when walking around the spa so that I don’t have to use my own clothes.

Inside The Spa

The receptionist then directed me toward the locker room where I can store my belongings and change. After I changed into my spa uniform, I looked up at the clock and it showed that it was time for my massage. I asked a staff member where to go and they kindly pointed me in the direction of the massage rooms. I entered the room and a therapist said, “Hi! I have you for an hour and a half. My name is Jennifer and I am your massage therapist today.” I laid down on the massage table and the one hour and a half massage was wonderful. She massaged away my stress knots and massaged my head. I felt rejuvenated (and hungry) after the massage. I thanked her for her professional service and left to go eat at one of the cafes. I looked up at their menu and decided to get a cold-pressed juice and a light sandwich. After eating, I headed over to look at their pools. I saw that they had both swimming pools and hot tubs with various temperatures to soak in. In another area, wall climbing. Next to it was the gym. Behind the pool area were the relaxation rooms. In this area, a sign says “welcome to the relaxation rooms, please read the description for each room you want to enter.”

After experiencing all that the spa had to offer, I felt that it was an amazing experience. I felt refreshed and revived. I no longer felt exhausted and I feel I can tackle any challenges ahead of me. I thought to myself, “maybe it was a good idea, after all, to have some me time. Next time I start to feel overwhelmed or just need to get away, I will definitely schedule another spa day.”