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Inspector Choi Ho-jun, who is the director of cyber investigation team under the Busan Police Agency, could be successful enough to arrest Hah Sei, operating the overseas site under the popular name of ‘Night rabbit,’ which could mark the 13th greatest webtoons in South Korea. He established a false ghost corporation that could also be marked well with a server operating in the US. The idea was to upload 90,000 domestic webtoons. The banner advertisement fee was about 1,000. 밤토끼was banned eventually.

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What are the facts associated with the accused?

The fact is that he is accused of unfair advantage that could account for 950 million. Busan Police Agency ended up saying that the cyber safety department could be successful enough in arresting Mr.Hah for running the giant Webtoon illegal platform of the overseas distribution site. Officers announced that they were to be nominated under the terms of Goh and Goshi and could be smart enough to flee to Cambodia. He successfully arrested a fake ghost corporation, and this could restrict the server in the US and produce the overseas site popularly termed as ‘Night rabbit.’

What were the happenings with the course of the problem?

The person got charged with the upload sessions marking 90,000 domestic Webtoons which could be enough to make a profit of 10 million, which could also come, associated with the unfair advantage accounting for 950 million. Police arrested him this year, thus confiscating all overseas servers; about 7 computers, 4 laptops, plenty of phones, as well as two working 3 passbooks. The webtoon industry, which is popularly termed as the Night Rabbits, loved to be the worst by causing damage of about 240 billion.


It finally got cracked down in the form of illegal dissemination that could be based on the Webtoon getting about 35 million people. This could mark the Operator Mr.Hur going with the establishment of the false ghost corporation that helped open a Webtoon site under the category of ‘Night Rabbit’ which could really work with a server as well as a domain right in the US.