Summary – Did your online credit card application just got rejected? Don’t lose hope! You can still get best credit cards if you implement five easy ways! Read on!

Akanksha Priya, a private company executive in Pune, applied for an online credit card after considering everything right from her affordability to repayment strategies. She submitted the online credit card application on a lender’s website and thought she would get it soon.

However, she got a mail after 5-6 hours from the lender that her online credit card application is rejected. When she requested to know the reason, the customer care executive could not give a convincing answer.

While it’s common to see credit card companies rejecting the application, what puts off one is their failure to give a proper reason for the rejection.

If you are a concerned person such as Akanksha, you should note that there could be many reasons for your online credit card rejection. The major reasons could be your poor CIBIL or Credit Score or history, low salary, residential area, and you may also not be working for a good company.

After having said, rejection of your credit card application does not mean the end of the road for you as you can always apply for best credit cards after doing homework.

In the same context, let’s offer you some easy ways to apply for best credit cards and win the card game.

  • Always Maintain a good CIBIL Score

Probably the most important criterion that a lender sees while assessing your online credit card application is if you have a good CIBIL or Credit Score or not! If your score is poor, you won’t get it. Thus, the concept is simple to incorporate – take all steps to get to a higher CIBIL Score and then only apply for one.

  • Have a Sound Repayment History

The customer willing to apply for an online credit card also needs to have a good repayment history to get a card without issues. Having a good repayment history means paying all your bills and existing EMIs, if any on time and not defaulting on it. Lenders consider you a risk when you don’t maintain a good repayment history as they think you won’t pay off EMIs on time.

  • Never close a Previous Credit Card Without Paying the Dues

Did you know that closing a previous credit card without settling its dues may malign your chances of availing a new one? Yes, that may be one of the reasons for the rejection of your online credit card application, and you should be watchful if you such a history.

  • You Track Record of the Repayment

One of the reasons your online credit card application may be rejected is when you don’t have any track record of repayment because you never had a credit card. What will you do then? In such cases, you can approach a bank you have your savings or salaried account and request to sanction a credit card. The longer you have a relationship with a bank, the brighter the chance to avail the best credit cards. So, don’t give up, visit your bank’s branch, meet an executive and talk out!

  • When your Income is High

When you are earning a higher income, lenders are confident that you can easily manage to pay the credit card’s EMIs without issues. Such applicants get a faster approval along with a higher credit limit. Thus, even if you are not working for a listed company, if your income is good, your online credit card application will go through!

The Bottom Line

Now that you know the ways to better your chances of applying for the best credit cards online and getting it approved, assess your financial profile and apply again! Happy online credit card application!