the Right Table and Chair Sets for Your Cafe

Cafes often concentrate on menus, recipes, team, ear-deafening songs, advertisement and more to attract customers. But, our heart tends to visit the ones that offer a cosy and subtle ambience. Decors can play with minds but comfortable furniture can make customers visit the cafe again and again.

Choosing the right cafe table and chair sets are nowhere an easy task. You have to take into consideration certain parameters before zeroing on a particular set of table and chair. The parameters may range from price to interior decor to space constraints. If these parameters have made you feel anxious and worried then fret not. Scroll down to get hold of five pro tips to help you choose the right furniture for your venture.

5 pro tips to choose the right table and chair

5 pro tips to choose the right table and chair

Size and space

Cafes hold the capacity to make or break the look and the feel of your establishment. Ideally, you would want your establishment to have enough space to accommodate most of your customers. To turn this spacious dream into reality, make sure you measure the area and plan up the kind of size suitable for your cafe. Experts suggest that you need 70-80 cm between tables. This will help you to plan the size of the tables and chairs.


People would visit your cafe only if they get to feel relaxed and cosy. However, an unmatched level of height of the tables and chairs can cause obstruction to their relaxation period of the day. For areas where people want long relaxing hours, you need to consider a low level or moderate height table and chair. The weight of the table and chair is also important. Light-weighted chairs also serve the best of the customer experience.


The theme of the cafe is very important. A cafe gets to speak in volume with just its interiors. You have to choose items which would work cohesively to create a certain level of atmosphere. For example, if you have taken up a retro theme, you may consider your cafe table and chair sets to have an antique look. For a minimalist look, you may consider getting hold of totally white chairs. Choosing the right table is also important. Your choice with the tables and chairs will give a finishing touch and would help achieve the desired look.


This caters to top the priority list of the customers. The ambience is one of the key factors to make your customers dine again. If your cafe is completely indoors, you may choose from a wide range of options. However, if the cafe has an outdoor setting, you may consider buying chairs and tables that are UV resistant. It’s important to make sure that the weight of the chair is stable enough to withstand all weather conditions, as it would be placed outdoors. Speaker blaring music is totally non-acceptable. Subtle music would help enhance your customer’s experience at the cafe.

Design of the tables and chairs

The tables and chairs chosen should complement the decor while providing the best of the experience to the customers. It is important to make an effort in choosing the best design for your establishment. For instance, chairs with armrests could enhance customer experience and possibly make them feel more comfortable. However, customers may also feel restricted in movement so simpler chairs could be a better option to opt for.

Setting up a cafe can be a daunting prospect. Not only you are required to find the right things before the opening day, but also have to choose the furniture items that would reflect the idea and theme of the cafe. Since every place has a story to say, it is advised to devote ample amount of time while selecting the tables and chairs for your cafe.