Text to speech software was developed to aid visually impaired people. In this program is a computer-generated voice was used to read the text for the user. Text to speech software is a technology that can assist impaired and can be used in different ways. People who were finding it difficult to read benefitted from this technology significantly. Government agencies asked educational institutions to use this technology so that they can help disable students. There was an amendment in the federal law ensuring that students get educational services throughout the United States even if they are disabled.

This software provides the flexibility to hear and read the text simultaneously. There are different types of applications available on the Internet, you can use best text to speech voices. Some programs are using recorded voices, whereas some are using computer-generated voices. You also have an option of choosing the gender and accent of your voice.

In the present scenario, technological advancements have facilitated our daily lives significantly. Smart phones as well as tablets have built in text to speech software, which we can use.

Text to speech benefits for organizations

This software will minimize human agent workload and reduce operational costs. Many people have a perception that text to speech software is something to be downloaded manually. They are unaware that it is your choice whether you want to download and install it in your machine or not. However, there are cloud-based systems that you can use. You will be surprised to know that text to speech software is attracting more than 774 million people from across the globe who have literacy issues. The same report shows that 285 million people who have visual impairments are using it. The best part of this technology is it does not interfere with usability and it is beneficial for older people, non-native speakers and students.

Save time and money

If you are using cloud-based system, then you can quickly get the results without spending a single penny on the maintenance of your application.

It will extend the reach of your content

Text to speech software will help a great population access your web page content. Even those people who have literacy or learning disabilities with reduced vision will go through your content easily. It is a door for every netizen willing to access digital content.


According to a report, 20% of worldwide population has language-based learning disability. Around 14% of adults in United States are illiterate and cannot read properly. If you make your online content audible, then it will help a wide variety of people to understand that text. The best part is that as your system will read the text, it will highlight the text so that the reader can follow. You need to use best text to speech voices to facilitate the users.